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Creations for You

  • Using mostly Moretti glass and a flame, this smaller work parameter has been my focus for a more detailed agenda of interpretation thus allowing for several kinds of uses. I began with the wearables: earrings, pendants, broaches, buttons, and multi-piece necklaces. Since I'll attempt any design idea, new uses for these creations have emerged: stir sticks for the home bar, plant decor for your in-house garden, sun catchers for your windows. Theme under-takings, such as the Eden project shown above, are the most fun to do.    

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Welcome to Imagery Glass Art . It may not be for everyone; maybe you're not....

Care and Handling

  • The wonderfully unexpected attribute to handling our blown glass art is that it makes you smarter! When handling, don't be afraid to hold the glass. If your glass becomes dusty, wipe with a soft cloth or spray it with alcohol. With a little conscious care, your glass purchases will be there for a lifetime of enjoyment.   

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Imagery Glass Art

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